Chaz Monaghan

Chaz Monaghan. Exercise Prescription

Qualifications: BExSc. BHM. GDipAExp DipExp.

As the Founding Director of Optimum Condition Chaz has been able to educate audiences worldwide in the importance of a synergetic approach to healthy living. He has worked with thousands of people across over 70 countries. He has studied in New Zealand, Australia and England, and is constantly refining his fitness techniques to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific training methods. He formulates achievable, maintainable Strength and Conditioning Programs through functional training, tailoring it to suit everyone from the elite athlete to the sedentary or adolescent. Recently returning from Miami, Chaz now resides in New Zealand where he trains his clients out of Snap Fitness Queenstown.  


Evgen Valek. REHABILITATION & Mobilisation 

Qualifications: M.D (M.A) D.M.Sc. DipPT. 

Immersed in his love for Athlete Rehabilitation and Optimisation, Evgen (Egi) has studied across the world, from America to Europe and now Australia. As a trainer of Olympic athletes, he has ensure that his techniques are accurate, precise, and of the highest possible standard. Egi has competed at an elite level in many different sports, and won first place as Mr Fitness at the IBFF World Championship Bodybuilding Competition in 2013. Using manipulative science and the latest rehabilitation techniques, Egi works to reduce body pain and increase fitness, guaranteeing his clients are operating at their best.


CIARA SAGE. nutritional programming 

Qualifications: BhSc (NutMed).

A Nutritional Medicine Practitioner with an holistic approach to the body, Ciara is passionate about wholefoods and wellbeing. She specialises in tailoring balanced meal plans to complement any exercise regime or physique goal. Ciara's clients have experienced true health benefits and sustainable results, in conjunction with an active lifestyle. The aim is to create a nutrition plan that is realistic, convenient, tasty and maintainable, to achieve your optimum self.

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Qualifications: BExSc. BHM. GDipAExp DipExp. Physiotherapist (expected 2017)

Full of invigorating and contagious energy, Darko brings his love of Strength and Conditioning to all those around him. He has a high level of determination to achieve note only his goals, but those of his clients. Technique and concentration of movement are paramount in Darko’s training. Though years of formal education, he understands that learning is never complete: Darko is currently undertaking study in Physiotherapy to bring his knowledge to an even higher level of expertise.



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Qualifications: Cert IV & III in Fitness. DipSR. 

With a passion for high-intensity training, Joseph has trained people from all areas of the globe. Having given seminars to audiences on the importance of a holistic and whole approach to training and nutrition, Joseph fully understands what it takes to reach and surpass set goals. With an optimistic and driven attitude, you can rest assured you're getting closer towards your better self with each session.