"Chaz is an excellent practitioner, very inspirational. He is friendly and very helpful” - Kevin D

"Engaging as well as professional and upbeat!" John B

"Have been to many weight loss lectures but he was “real” and passionate. He was patient with our many questions too". Aglaia L & Domenic C 

"Such encouragement to change our lifestyle so that we can live a more healthy, longer & happier life with more energy. His enthusiasm, knowledge and personal attention was contagious” - Ron & Kathy J

“Excellent motivation + knowledge, to help keep you not only looking good on outside but healthy inside. Very approachable” - Sonia D 

“Very personable! And is concerned about my health and gave an informative presentation as well as consultation” - Janice L 

“Very friendly and cheerful, always with a smile and a happy hello, fun” Karen M 

“Excellent and informative” Kathleen B

"Dedicated to his work, I learned how to put the exercises in my real life for better health. He is an excellent teacher, it goes step by step beside he is kind and concern” - Myriam B 

“Thank you for being exactly who you are! You have helped save my life & I am forever grateful, keep chasing health!!” - Melissa P 

“He took a sincere interest in my Physical Training” - Arthur C 

“Very knowledgable and pleasant. Chaz helped bring me to the next level in my fight to regain my health. If only everyone took the time to educate themselves before they become ill or have other medical and physical challenges” - Katherine L

"Very friendly and motivated helpful - easy going and always smiling” Miriam T

“Friendly, very helpful, caring, fun, smiling always” - Sharon M 

“We would like to commend Chaz on his expertise and skills". Romo and Joann S

“He’s the best trainer!! Always push my limit to the maximum, that’s what I need. Thanks a lot” - Faizul J